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  1. My work originates from an emotional concept in which personal subjects acquire a monumental value. Intuitively I search for those intimate moments where glances wander, and empty hands are resting. It is mainly the small, almost meaningless, gestures or happenings which fascinate me. Like my mother who comes home tired from her work, and for a moment she looks like she is carrying the weight of the whole world on her shoulders. Or my dog passing away, which makes me very sad personally, but what is of course only a small death. 

    In my work, I redefine what I have seen by re-creating it later. By asking people to pose for me and by staging the moment which earlier caught my eye, I am able to reconstruct the image and intervene in it. This enables me to emphasise their postures and to zoom in on certain elements that I find important. I alter those small moments into images of a mystical nature wherein the intimate value of the unremarkable is kept and cherished.

    I live and work in Deventer (2019)


    2018 - 2019   Talent & Development program, Tetem 

    2012 - 2016   Bachelor of Arts (BA) Fine Art Media, ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Enschede, 

    2011 - 2012   Vooropleiding, ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Enschede 


    2019       je herinnerde me lente, Galerie de Vijf Ramen, Arnhem, solo

    2018     Leitmotif, Kunstruimte N U N, Arnhem, group

    2018     It's my tail and I'll chase it if I want to, Kunstenlab, Deventer, duo

    2018     Salon, Bergkerk, Deventer, group

    2018     Under Sweet Surveillance, Objektief, Enschede, group

    2017     Vergroeid, B93, Enschede, duo

    2016     New Dutch Photography Talent 2017, the Art 'Otel, Amsterdam, group

    2016     Graduation Show, ArtEZ Academy for Art and Design, Enschede, group

    2016     Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, Duitsland, group 

    2016     Aki Media Finals preview, Villa de Bank, Enschede, group

    2015     5th World Biennial of Student Photography, Novi Sad, Servië,            

                 Roemenië, Bosnië en Croatië, group

    2014     Iktusarpok, ArtEZ Academy for Art and Design, Enschede, group


    2018     Mister Motley, Voorbij het lijfelijkeonline publication

    2017    The Kiosk of Democracy, online publication

    2017    NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2017, book, GUP

    2016    Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, catalog